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Take a moment to read our Blog. Get a sense of The Berkeley – on a more personal level – and gain insight into our opinions on the benefits of retirement living and the importance of health and wellness for both our staff and residents. Check out how we get involved in our community, how we celebrate life, and much more.
Celebrating 30th years

Celebrating Thirty Years of Retirement Living 

By Catherine Campbell, September 30, 2020

The Berkeley turned 30 this September! We can hardly believe its been three decades since The
Berkeley Halifax on Green Street opened its doors as the very first retirement...


Beer and wine party

Tackling a Pandemic from all Angles

By Catherine Campbell, July 5, 2020

Lately, my conversations are often pandemic-related. Some wonder how we faired, but most comment on how well we have managed at The Berkeley...


Valentines group

The Benefits of Cultivating a Healthy Community

By Catherine Campbell, February 14, 2020

It’s fair to say that life is best when shared with others. Staying connected, enjoying time with friends, family, neighbours and people with common interests helps to...


Senior relaxing spa treatment

Happy, Healthy New Year to you – No Better Time for a Fresh Start

By Catherine Campbell, January 21, 2020

There’s nothing like a New Year to illicit a yearning for renewal, revitalization and restoration – a time to reset, regroup and reconnect. It’s an opportunity for change...


Be a Santa to a Senior

Give Back to a Senior in your Community this Holiday Season - Be a Santa to a Senior

By Catherine Campbell, November 28, 2019

The holidays are around the corner. Get ready for a busy time spent decorating, cooking and baking, going to parties and entertaining family, overindulging...


dinner group

Wondering about Retirement Living? Give it a Whirl in one of our Trial Stay Suites

By Catherine Campbell, October 31, 2019

Obviously, we think retirement living is a fabulous lifestyle option for seniors and staying in one of our Trial Stay Suites is a great way to...


Camper group summer

A Retirement Residence means Peace of Mind for all Seasons and Situations

By Catherine Campbell, September 20, 2019

The end of summer is bittersweet for many. Summer is the most pleasant time of year for everyone characterized by a more laidback routine, warmer...


Doug and Shirley

Retirement Living – Who? What? Where? When and Why? As well as How?

By Catherine Campbell, August 7, 2019

Who? Typically, retirement living is meant for people in their senior years who want to live a social, active life in a community with others of a similar generation...


Walking The Berkeley

Retirement Living – A Lifestyle Solution for Seniors

By Catherine Campbell, July 2, 2019

At The Berkeley, we consider ‘retirement’ a stage of life spanning several decades, during which time, the way you live, and your needs will change. Retirement living, and...


The Berkeley nurse

Spring Fun – Gardening and Butterflies – for Seniors’ Month

By Catherine Campbell, June 1, 2019

June is Seniors’ Month and every year The Berkeley celebrates with fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities, not the least of which is an ever-popular and exciting project with butterflies!...


The Berkeley nurse

Being Active Improves your Mood and your Health

By Catherine Campbell, May 1, 2019

Retirement at The Berkeley is the perfect place to enjoy life and engage with others. Just being around other retired seniors can help combat the feelings of...


The Berkeley nurse

Retirement Living – Are You Ready to Enjoy the Many Benefits?

By Catherine Campbell, February 4, 2019

There comes a time in many seniors’ lives when cooking meals...

The Berkeley lounge

Stay Warm and Engaged Despite the Cold, Lonely Winter

By Catherine Campbell, Jan 21, 2019

For many people, winter can be a tough time of year both mentally and physically. It is not uncommon to hear complaints about cold temperatures, and the issues...

The Berkeley bowling ladies

The Upside of Change and a New Lease on Life

By Catherine Campbell, Jan 7, 2019

Without question, change can be difficult and overwhelming. It is a transition that includes modifications to present circumstances and, as creatures of habit...

Choir at The Berkeley

Celebrating the Season and Enjoying Life Every Day of the Year

By Catherine Campbell, December 17, 2018

At The Berkeley, we celebrate life and seniors every day of the year. We provide personal, customized comfort and the freedom to live well in retirement. For seniors who call our buildings ‘home’, we take that commitment very seriously, and we like to think we provide even more than that. Maintaining and building relationships is at the heart of what we do. Our residents and staff are like family, lending our buildings their inherent warmth and comfort. Having a very social and active environment available for our residents is an important aspect of retirement living and it is the best way to keep seniors active and involved. Residents may choose to participate or not but having opportunities to engage with others regularly is extremely important, not to mention a basic human need. This is especially true during the holiday season...

Guy playing pool

Life at The Berkeley ~ The Loneliness Factor Eliminated

By Catherine Campbell, December 3, 2018

The advantages of living at The Berkeley are countless. The intention of a retirement residence is to provide safety, security and varying levels of health-related assistance. However, the most invaluable benefit of all is the opportunity to socialize with others whenever and however one chooses.  A full calendar of scheduled events provides daily opportunities to be social. Lounges on every floor allow for the possibility of a casual conversation or a chance game of cards.  Mealtimes are not only a fabulous time for chatting with friends and neighbours, but also provide residents with a healthy, nutritious meal three times a day, not to mention freedom from the chores of shopping and meal preparation...

Ladies having fun at The Berkeley

Retirement Living – Social and Worry-free Convenience

By Catherine Campbell, November 26, 2018

Moving is always a big job no matter what your age or stage in life, but for a senior it can be quite overwhelming. Deciding to make a change from a house to an apartment/condo, the down-sizing and a change of lifestyle, can add a lot of pressure until you consider that it might be just the change that is needed...

Christmas gifts

An Ongoing Tradition – The Berkeley continues to help Home Instead Spread Christmas Joy

By Catherine Campbell, November 12, 2018

The holiday season with its bright lights and glitter, its festive music and merriment is not always a happy time of year for some people. Expectations can be high to be...

In the dining room

Retirement Living – Seeing is Believing

By Catherine Campbell, October 22, 2018

Living in a retirement residence is a bit of a misunderstood concept and, though not the same at all, it is often compared to living in a nursing home. Moving to a retirement residence is a choice you make to improve and truly enjoy your life...

Christmas choir

Enjoy the Season without the Worry of Chores

By Catherine Campbell, October 8, 2018

Every season brings its joys and challenges. As the weather begins to change, we cannot help but think of the chores associated with the season even though we might look forward to many aspects of what is to come.

For many, it starts out a welcome opportunity to get out in the fresh air for exercise...

Group photo

The Power of Community

By Catherine Campbell, September 24, 2018

Over a lifetime, people might belong to communities for many reasons – shared interests, companionship, the opportunity to add depth to life experiences and for support. The community that acts as a support network can be irreplaceable. Change is inevitable, however, and support networks and communities can shrink just when they are needed most. As people age, and their independence gradually...

The Berkeley group outing

Retirement Living – the Secret to a Great Lifestyle for Seniors

By Catherine Campbell, September 10, 2018

Retirement living is an opportunity to live well, and it is ideal if considered a choice, not a forced solution to a problem. At The Berkeley, our goal is to ensure that all of our residents are living life the way they want, with assistance or not...