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Retirement Living – Who? What? Where? When and Why? As well as How?

By Catherine Campbell

Who? Typically, retirement living is meant for people in their senior years who want to live a social, active life in a community with others of a similar generation. At The Berkeley, residents move in at different ages and stages of their lives, and for a variety of reasons. Most of our residents ‘age in place’, meaning they stay in the same apartment, not having to move to another floor or another building, even if their needs change. We have residents who are aged 70-102 with an average age of 85-87. It is the perfect fit for people who are living alone and want a more social life in a community with included amenities to simplify their lives. It is ideal for couples, particularly if one person has taken on the role of caregiver, but also if one is more social than the other or both people would like to have easier access to friends and social activities. Of course, in all cases, family near and far are offered great peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and secure, eating well and enjoying life with friends while participating in daily activities.

What? The included benefits of retirement living take the stress, worry and chores away. Our residents live in apartments of different sizes, decorated with their own furniture and personal affects. Included in the rent are two nutritious meals per day in our dining room with the option to add a third. Weekly housekeeping, daily activities and an on-site health care professional are also included. Without the worry of household chores, they can truly enjoy their days as they choose. Most importantly, because life in a retirement residence is inherently social, active and stress-free, it helps to maintain one’s overall health – physical, mental and emotional.

Where? The Berkeley has four locations – two in Halifax and one in each Bedford and Dartmouth. For more information, visit Choosing the one closest to your current community or family members is most typical, but personal preference might have you interested in a certain location for its unique qualities. Our four locations are all within walking proximity to amenities for convenience and to help maintain independence. Many of our residents enjoy going out for walks for both exercise and to run personal errands.

When and Why? Ideally, you want to move into a retirement residence while you are still in good health simply so that you are better able to enjoy the opportunities that retirement living provides. Having said that, it is time to move when you become lonely in your current space. Loneliness can have a very negative impact on people mentally, emotionally and physically. Some do move in as a result of a fall or a decline in their health, and almost always their overall health and wellness improves because they are eating regular, nutritious meals and are able to engage in and enjoy their community and activities.

How? To start the process, call us any time (902) 802.0346 or go online to to get more information and set up a tour. Coming in to see what we offer is important no matter what your timeline. Our buildings do speak for themselves and our employees will make you feel very welcome! Coming in for a tour allows you the opportunity to see what services we offer while also getting a feel for the community and surrounding neighbourhoods and amenities.