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Retirement Living - Guaranteed Companionship

Retirement Living - Guaranteed Companionship

By Catherine Campbell

Retirement living is built on the premise that companionship is a necessary part of living well. It is a lifestyle for seniors where all of the essentials can be found under one roof. Starting with a foundation of social engagement, activity and convenience, seniors can do as they please and live life on their own terms with like-minded people!

The essentials: air, food, water, sleep, leisure, exercise, solitude, companionship. The inessentials: everything else. – Marty Rubin

The importance of companionship is paramount in terms of overall health and wellness. Human beings crave the inherent characteristics of companionship - mental stimulation, sense of belonging and emotional support.

To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with. – Mark Twain

Throughout our lives, we have a variety of different companions. Starting with our parents and siblings, perhaps a family pet, extended family, and friends. From there, we often find a life partner, or we have close friends and family as companions. Regardless of the exact path, we find people with whom to share our life experiences.
We become busy with work, child-rearing, family obligations, in addition to having close friends and colleagues to meet our companionship needs. Companionship is basically built into our everyday lives.

As we age, our lives change. We are likely no longer caring for children, but possibly our parents need assistance. We still work with colleagues and have friends to fulfil our companionship needs. Eventually, we retire, and the companionship circle starts to shrink. For a time, this might be quite nice. We are less busy with less responsibilities and can do the things we really want to do. However, over time the circle continues to shrink, and loneliness can set in. It is often not recognized until the ill-effects of isolation have started to become apparent. Loneliness is not something anyone should have to endure unnecessarily.

We believe that no matter what your age, the secret to living a healthy, well-balanced life is having a sense of belonging, purpose, and joy. – Catherine Campbell

Consider for a moment living in a seniors’ apartment community where you can find everything you need at your fingertips - meals, activities and so much more! If you are feeling lonely and bored living on your own, check out our website ( to see the many benefits of moving to The Berkeley! Better yet, come for a tour and see for yourself!