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The Upside of Change and a New Lease on Life

By Catherine Campbell

Without question, change can be difficult and overwhelming. It is a transition that includes modifications to present circumstances and, as creatures of habit, most of us like familiarity and regular routines. We like to know where we belong, what role we play and how we fit in. But, what if change was for the best and it would improve health, happiness and overall satisfaction with life?

It is no surprise that moving from a family home of many years is not a simple task. After decades in the same home, seniors are often left with a house full of belongings and memories. The task of cleaning out a full house and downsizing can be daunting. As for memories, they are portable, and you can never have too many. It is the recounting and sharing of your history that keeps those memories alive. They live on in those who remember and share them, not in the homes or places where they happened.

Change is part of life and, as some might say, a change is as good as a rest. Despite a general resistance to change, it is often necessary and can bring with it positive energy and revitalization. In the case of seniors who are living at home alone, this change from their home to a retirement residence - better known as their new home - is also a new lease on life. Retirement living enhances one’s ability to be independent, enjoying life in the company of others who share the same interests. It allows for opportunities to make new friends and possibly reconnect with old ones, while enjoying an array of activities and programs. It is a place where new memories can be made while old ones are shared.

Being at home alone does not offer seniors opportunities for regular social engagement and isolation can lead to mental, emotional and physical health issues. Seniors who move to a retirement residence enjoy a multitude of social activities giving them a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. Eating nutritious meals leads to improved health, especially when coupled with having access to onsite health care professionals and nursing services. Ultimately, these benefits of retirement living, along with the absence of household maintenance and chores, eliminate stress, providing peace of mind for residents and their families. Seniors who have made the move will tell you the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of change.  
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