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Enjoy the Season without the Worry of Chores

By Catherine Campbell

Every season brings its joys and challenges. As the weather begins to change, we cannot help but think of the chores associated with the season even though we might look forward to many aspects of what is to come.

For many, it starts out a welcome opportunity to get out in the fresh air for exercise, to work on a project or to enjoy a satisfying hobby like gardening. However, the shine wears off that penny quickly in a season like autumn as leaves drop in incessant numbers daily for weeks on end. Let us not even broach the subject of winter, and snow shoveling, because that goes on and on for months, most often including the element of surprise! Rarely done at a leisurely pace on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but in a panic to get out of the driveway and to work or an appointment on time.

For some, and particularly as people age, these chores can be too strenuous and can cause back strain, falls, broken bones and heart events. At this point, one must consider outsourcing these chores, creating an added household expense or an imposition on family and friends who already have their own properties to maintain.

A perfect solution for seniors is to move to a retirement residence, like The Berkeley, so they may enjoy the seasonal changes without the hassle and burden of the work involved in property maintenance. This solution takes care of seasonal chores as well as indoor household maintenance, and it does not place a burden on family, friends and neighbours. In fact, it readily allows seniors to enjoy many festivities and activities that occur throughout the year which are always geared to the season, holiday or occasion. It is a win-win situation, and family and friends are always welcome to join in the fun!

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