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Retirement Living – Seeing is Believing

By Catherine Campbell

Living in a retirement residence is a bit of a misunderstood concept and, though not the same at all, it is often compared to living in a nursing home. Moving to a retirement residence is a choice you make to improve and truly enjoy your life. It allows for peace of mind, safety, security, convenience and a multitude of opportunities to socialize. It is a fantastic solution for anyone who is lonely, tired of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and worrying about indoor and outdoor household maintenance.

Here’s how it works at The Berkeley – you rent an apartment, decorate and furnish it with your own belongings in a building with people of a similar generation and interests. With four buildings to choose from, you pick the location that suits you best. You have well-balanced, delicious meals in the dining room allowing for daily chats with friends and neighbours. Housekeeping cleans your apartment and washes and changes your bed linens and towels once a week. To keep everyone active and engaged, you have a variety of activities in which to participate throughout the day, week and month. The bonus is that there are health care professionals on duty 24-hours a day, so you can rest-assured that if you need assistance, you will get it. There are also a variety of services that you can obtain as required. The bottom line is that you are free to enjoy your life, in any way you choose, while someone else takes care of the chores. It is a win-win situation.

Many people find it difficult to leave a family house. It can be a daunting task to down-size, not to mention, leaving behind the cherished memories of a family home. However, believe it or not, a retirement residence quickly becomes home; a place you will feel comfortable, welcome and safe. Belonging to a community is exceptionally important and it allows for a well-rounded lifestyle with options and convenience. Sometimes, you must see it to believe it, so please come for a tour and see all the benefits of retirement living for yourself!

To learn more about The Berkeley and to book a tour, visit or call Jenn at (902) 802-0346.