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Retirement Living – A Lifestyle Solution for Seniors

By Catherine Campbell

At The Berkeley, we consider ‘retirement’ a stage of life spanning several decades, during which time, the way you live, and your needs will change. Retirement living, and all the included benefits, is an ideal solution during this ever-changing stage in one’s life. When performing regular chores, preparing nutritious meals and getting out of the house becomes more difficult or less appealing, the ensuing isolation can lead to loneliness, possible malnourishment and an overall decline in one’s health – mental, physical and emotional. The simple foundation of belonging to a retirement community has a powerful and positive impact on overall health and wellness.

The Berkeley provides a warm, welcoming community where residents have the freedom to choose, stay connected, make new friends and enjoy various experiences. It is a personalized lifestyle for seniors marked by convenience, security and peace of mind. Residents have the option to socialize or not, get care or not, and enjoy full-service dining every day, as well as a variety of daily activities. Other included benefits are a 24-hour health professional on site and weekly housekeeping.

Retirement living is about independence, assistance and having the infrastructure in place for options. Living with the choice to do as you please with support, if necessary. This could be as simple as taking advantage of the included benefits of retirement living – not having to grocery shop, cook and clean allowing more time to socialize – or it could mean adding personal care and other additional services such as medication administration for greater peace of mind. Of course, as seniors age in place, their needs change and adding care to meet those needs is most often very easily accomplished.

For residents of The Berkeley, who are typically in the latter years of their retirement, it is a time to embrace the idea of a simpler life without the stress of household maintenance, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Belonging to a seniors’ community with included services allows residents to easily enjoy the company of like-minded people in a similar stage of life. A retirement living community is the perfect way to get everything you need in one place! It means time to do what you want when you want. It means resting for a favourite activity or heading out to do a nearby errand. It is simply living life and living it well. And, in our opinion, it’s retirement as it should be!

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