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Spring Fun – Gardening and Butterflies – for Seniors’ Month

By Catherine Campbell

June is Seniors’ Month and every year The Berkeley celebrates with fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities, not the least of which is an ever-popular and exciting project with butterflies!

Each year during the month of June, The Berkeley chooses to celebrate its residents by connecting with the community in new and interesting ways. In general, the focus has been to celebrate life, all its wonders and the great outdoors!  

Taking inspiration from the joy derived from spring’s arrival, and the sight of budding trees and plants, The Berkeley focuses on its gardens as one aspect of the celebration. We have many residents with green thumbs who are thrilled to assist with our gardening efforts. We start with plant buying trips and then we take a day to plant our beautiful purchases. We also have space for herbs and vegetables which are used in our kitchens.
Several years ago, The Berkeley endeavoured to start the tradition of raising butterflies as a final touch to the gardens.  It has proven to be a fascinating, educational project, bringing the lobbies of our four buildings to life as classrooms every May with the grand finale in June.

The intrigue is always wonderful to watch. Residents, family members, staff, and other regular visitors have observed the various stages with great appreciation and interest. Everyone loves this little project and awaits it with great anticipation each year. On Friday, we finally released the butterflies and had a celebration party.  With any luck, some of them will choose the gardens at The Berkeley as their home!