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Being Active Improves your Mood and your Health

By Catherine Campbell

Retirement at The Berkeley is the perfect place to enjoy life and engage with others. Just being around other retired seniors can help combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can be typical when living alone, especially if you unable to get out regularly. Whether it’s a physical activity or one that’s more cognitive in nature, connecting with others is a healthy way for seniors to stay active and express their creativity. No matter what the activity, living in a retirement community allows seniors to maintain their overall health and wellness. Some residents move to The Berkeley in poor physical health only to bounce back to improved health because they are eating more nutritious meals, getting more exercise and spending time with friends.

For some seniors, a social lifestyle is already in place, yet that does not mean they cannot find new interests and enjoy new people! For many others, who are not as active as they once were, a social life can have a very positive impact on emotional and mental wellbeing. Living alone can jeopardize a senior’s overall health. At The Berkeley, residents are gently encouraged to attend activities and stay active by interacting with others, whether it’s exercise class, playing bridge or enjoying an afternoon of musical entertainment. And, they all appreciate a reminder when their favourite activity is scheduled. In addition, The Berkeley has full-service dining rooms serving three meals a day, and this is another great way to connect with friends daily.

Having the option to partake in an organized group activity or sit in a common lounge to have an impromptu chat is one of the great advantages of living in a retirement residence. Time alone is always easy to find if needed, but so too is finding someone with whom to enjoy an activity. Socializing with members of one’s community isn’t just enjoyable but it is also a key element of living a healthy and happy life!

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