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A Retirement Residence means Peace of Mind for all Seasons and Situations

By Catherine Campbell

The end of summer is bittersweet for many. Summer is the most pleasant time of year for everyone characterized by a more laidback routine, warmer weather, long weekends at the cottage, days spent at the beach, families reuniting, and extended vacations. When it all comes to an end, some might look forward to a new chapter like school starting up again, getting back to their regular routine or the beauty of fall. Certainly, some people are left mourning the end of the social gatherings and family reunions made possible by the advantages of summer. The most profound impact is on seniors. It can be a very lonely time for those who live alone and feel a dramatic change in their social life. Loneliness can have a very adverse effect on a person’s overall health and wellness.

Retirement living is an ideal solution for seniors who are lonely, particularly those who are also looking at their future needs as they age. Belonging to a community with easy access to a more social life is one of the biggest benefits of a retirement residence. The included services – regular activities and outings, meals in a full-service dining room, housekeeping and a nurse on duty 24 hours a day – also help to make life a little easier. Most importantly, a senior who lives in a retirement residence will manage stressful situations more easily because of the peace of mind afforded by knowing they are not alone.

As Hurricane Dorian recently reminded us, the end of summer can also be stormy and the work and worry preparing for power outages and possible property damage is hard on everyone. Imagine someone in their 80’s or 90’s getting organized without assistance and you begin to see another advantage to living in a retirement residence. As Margaret P. from The Berkeley Gladstone told us after the storm, ‘There was a short surprise outage last night. I was amazed to see the emergency lights came on immediately in my apartment as well as in the hallway. What a stress-FREE experience, different from when I was in my own home, worrying about the fridge, the garage door, the furnace and hot water.’ The generator running the buildings makes a huge difference to the experience of a storm, but so too does knowing that there are people around. Being alone in a storm can be a frightening experience not to mention the hardships associated with having no power. Retirement living is peace of mind for whatever life throws your way, and our residents and their families know first-hand that peace of mind is something on which no one can place a monetary value!

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