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Special Events

Please join us for one of our special events. All Welcome! No age restrictions, and no need to be a resident! Many of our events will be held at one of our four locations, but some will be held off-site so please read the location carefully to avoid disappointment.

Join us as often as you like, and become part of our greater community! Check back regularly for updates. We love meeting new people and hope to see you very soon!
The Berkeley

Seniors Living Well and Feeling Fabulous Discussion Series

Bedford Public Library
Time: 1:30 – 3:00pm

Join us monthly from April – December for a discussion series dedicated to the health and well-being of seniors in our community. Each unique session will highlight an important topic and will provide lots of great information to help you feel fabulous. Refreshments will be served!

See below for dates and topics and check back for updates!

April 12 – “Depression, Dementia & Delirium” The Three D’s of Senior’s Mental Health
May 17 - Mental Health Awareness for Seniors
June 21 - TBD
July 19 - Falls Prevention
August 16 - TBD
September 20 - Nordic Pole Walking
October 18 - TBD
November 15 - TBD
December 13 - TBD

Free Community Shred Event

April 17, 10am – 12pm
The Berkeley Bedford, 2 Convoy Run

The Berkeley is hosting a free community shred event in Bedford. Protect your personal information by ensuring your personal records are properly disposed of. Everyone is welcome to bring up to 2 banker’s boxes full of documents. The event will take place on Wednesday, April 17th from 10am – 12pm in the lobby of The Berkeley in Bedford at 2 Convoy Run. All are welcome to stay for our morning entertainment of live music and refreshments at 11am.
Nordic pole walking

Nordic Pole Walking Clinics

Nordic Walking Nova Scotia will be holding a free introductory clinic at each of The Berkeley locations! This introductory class will train you to Nordic Pole Walk properly for the best possible enjoyment and benefit. Their instructors are  nationally certified  to teach by Nordixx Nordic Pole Walking Canada. The clinic will consist of a 30-minute lesson, followed by a 30-45 minute walk. Poles will be provided, no experience necessary!

Friday, May 3 – The Berkeley Gladstone, 2633 Gladstone Street
Monday, May 13 – The Berkeley Dartmouth, 35 Eisener Boulevard
Tuesday, May 14 – The Berkeley Bedford, 2 Convoy Run
Friday, May 17 – The Berkeley Halifax, 5266 Green Street

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Registration is required. Please register by contacting Jenn Walker at 902-802-0346 or email

What is Nordic Walking?
Nordic Walking is a highly effective low-impact fitness activity that offers the highest benefits for weight control and wellness. Nordic Walking poles enable you to incorporate over 90% of all your body muscles as you walk. Walking with poles is not new. Pole walking started in the 1930’s when it became the perfect, off-season training solution for cross country skiers in Finland. The activity exploded across Europe in the 1990s and has grown to the point where today more than 20 per cent of Northern Europeans regularly Nordic pole walk.

Nordic walking poles are very different from hiking and trekking poles. 

The logic of Nordic Walking is simple. Normal walking utilizes muscles in the lower half of the body while pole walking is a whole-body activity that uses muscles in the back, arms, shoulders and neck. The more muscles you work out, the more calories you burn; the more blood sugar you burn down; the more your metabolism is enhanced by using the poles.

Numerous clinical studies show vast benefits of pole walking. While using poles contributes to faster weight loss, increased heart and cardiovascular health, even better posture, the activity is also of benefit for people recovering from knee or hip surgery. Biomechanical studies show the poles take off load from your knee and hip joints. You have up to 30 per cent less impact on knee joints and hips when you walk with poles. All the benefits of regular walking are almost doubled when you add authentic Nordic Poles to your walk.